Wednesday, February 18, 2015

BLS And AHIMA Publish Average Annual Wage Of EHR Specialist

Scope Of EHR Specialist
A recent report published by BLS (US Bureau of Labour Statistics) indicates that the salary scale of Electronic health record specialist profession varies depending on factors such as qualification of the candidate, location and nature of the healthcare organization where he is employed. 

BLS further states that it is impossible at the moment to give the salary data of the EHR careers as it is considered to be one of the fast emerging fields in the country. Nonetheless, the bureau has published the salary data of EHR careers in the past. 

BLS Publishes Salary Data of Electronic Health Record Specialist Jobs in the Past 

BLS observed that health record specialists in US secured an average annual wage of $32,000 in 2000. The data provided by U.S. Department of Labour also confirms this. However, previous reports prior to 2000 May show that the salary scales of health record specialists were rather low. In fact, the salary was hiked after the implementation of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 1999. The Act mandated the basic salary scale for Electronic health record specialist and other professionals in the healthcare industry. 

The salary data published by American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) also puts the annual wage of health record specialists at $31,502. AHIMA claims that it compiled the data after surveying more than 11,000 health information professionals. It further stated that the survey focused more on Electronic health record specialist jobs in the healthcare industry given the status of the profession as an emerging one. 

BLS Report Spells More Scope for IT Professionals in Healthcare Industry

The BLS report indicates that there is a growing demand for IT professionals in healthcare industry as it is being digitalized. The report further states that careers on system's side are relatively more rewarding. 
Annual Wage Of EHR Specialist

According to the BLS report, computer information system specialists in healthcare industry secured average annual wage of about 102,000 in 2000. It has significantly increased in the last couple of years. The average annual wage of computer support specialists in US in 2010 was not less than $46,260. 

The reports published by BLS and AHIMA are not 100 percent accurate. However, it gives one the impression that the demand for health record specialists is on the rise and certainly, it is one of the emerging careers not only in US but also across the globe. The fact that more candidates are enrolling lately for health record specialist programs confirms that this is true. 

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